Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Currently Loving


Sometimes you find some new products that are not just good but truly amaaaaaazing.  This post is about a few of those items.  I'd like to start featuring some products that get the amaaaaaazing thumbs up from time to time.  These products are not necessarily high or low end, they are truly what I'm Currently Loving.  Let's get started:

Soap and Glory Great Kisser Lip Moisture Balm
Holy cow this stuff is fabulous.  A great peachy flavor, smooth and thick formula but not greasy (which I hate hate hate, nothing worse than oily lips) or waxy, stays on for hours (like, I wake up and still have it on) and a wonderful peachy flavor.  It is pretty much colorless but on me almost dulls my natural lip color which I actually really like because my lips are really pigmented.  It is so velvety and luxurious and I honestly do prefer it to my Dior creme de rose.

Nars Surabaya
This little nars eye duo isn't the easiest to find.  It's not at sephora and you can't always find it at the makeup counter.  But holy cow it is probably one of the best formulations you can find in the eye duo. The shadows are so creamy and pigmented and a total dream to apply and blend.  If you are looking for a super warm and intense brown eye, this is it.  You get a beautiful reddy town, with subtle glitter, and a warm chestnut.  It is GORGEOUS people.  Definitely more of a fall/winter look but it is just beyond.  I have swatched tons of the duos and none of them apply like this.

MAC Peachykeen
Ugh how did I not have this blush until now?  The perfect amount of pink, orange, and coral, this blush has a beautiful sheen and very faint shimmer to it that gives your cheeks a gorgeous glow.  It is very pigmented so a teensy bit goes a long way and has an almost bronzey look to it in the pan.  It is freaking amazing.  It is not golden at all but super glowy.  I can't stop wearing it!

MAC Perfect Topping, LE
Sorry no link on this one, it is LE but the sales gal assured me it comes back fairly regularly.  This is a beautiful subtle highlight that I sort of dot on my forehead in between my eyebrows, and on my cheeks beside my nose.  It gives you a beautiful glow (can you tell I'm all about getting a glow?) and is the last stop on my makeup train everyday.  It would also be lovely to apply on the cheekbones if you like a super subtle cheekbone highlight.

L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Lights 
Have you tried these yet?  They are basically pressed pigments, they even have these cute little plastic pressy things to keep all the pigment in place when the lid is on.  I had been on the hunt for the perfect rose gold that wasn't too pink or too copper and this is it.  It is gorgeous all over the lid and is surprisingly versatile with a range of different looks.  And it's drugstore!  yay!

Sephora #56 Pro Flawless Airbrush
For such a small brush-head, this brush packs a lot of punch.  Densely packed, it is fabulous for cream or liquid foundations and blends to a dream.  If you fancy synthetic bristles and a flawless finish, this is your brush.

Sigma F80
The end all, be all of foundation brushes.  The brush to which all others are measured.  This flat synthetic kabuki will buff your skin to perfection.  The thick and sturdy handle is the perfect weight and length.  What else can you say about this brush that hasn't been said a million times.  If you only have one foundation brush, let it be this one!

Soap and Glory Butter Yourself
This is a gorgeous smelling body butter that is super moisturizing, just the tiniest bit greasy, but it does dry down fairly quickly, and supposedly packed with antioxidants (?) but honestly, who cares when it smells this damn good.  Check out the description: Get velvety with the formula's resurfacing properties, skin-perfecting fruits, and shea butter. This creamy hydrator features the exotic citrus Fruitigo™ fragrance, so skin lingers with delicious notes of frozen yuzu, orange oil, and jungle pomelo all-day long.