Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ground Beef Fajita Bowl

You know those nights when you have no fresh food, practically no food to speak of, you're stumped on what to make, you don't want to go to the store, you don't feel like making anything difficult, you're tired, hungry for nothing in particular, and need to to please an adult and a picky toddler?  No? Really? Geez I thought everyone had nights like that!

Gorgeous pic isn't it?  Maybe not.  But it's a slam dunk recipe, using minimal ingredients, all of which were frozen/pantry ingredients.

Have you tried Trader Joe's grassfed ground beef?  It's in the frozen meats section.  Ummm, hello awesomeness!  It's delicious!  Great to have on hand for nights like these.  This meal could not have been easier, all it used were the items to the right- ground meat, frozen fire roasted peppers, guac, salsa, and beans.  For those of us adhering strictly to whole 30/primal protocols, please abstain from the beans.

Ground Beef Fajita Bowl
1 package grassfed beef
1 bag Trader Joe's fire roasted peppers and onions
some guac, or just some sliced avo
some salsa
some beans (or not)
shredded lettuce if you have any (I didn't, no bigs)
and the following spices, to taste:
onion powder
garlic salt

Brown your meat and spice accordingly once it's browned.  Remove meat from pan onto plate.  Sautee thawed veggies in your leftover fat from the meat, and spice to taste.  Warm up your beans.  Throw everything in a bowl and enjoy!  Easy peasy.  Dinner done in 20 minutes or less.

This post is admittedly not very fun, truthy, or challenging.  We are in chicago for my grandfather's funeral this week, and so at the moment I am not feeling up to digging deep.  Rather, I'd like to dig deep into my bed, snuggle in, and not get up until I damn well please.  But, LGO right?  However, look for a sugar detox update soon.  Is anyone doing it with me?  Or something similar?  Don't be shy!!  And if not now but you are planning to, let me know too!  I am anxious to hear how everyone does.

Thanks a bunch, XoXoGFG

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  1. I love making stuff like this.

    As far as the sweetener detox goes, I try to use as little sweetener in my stuff as I can, so I really don't think I need to do a detox. I aim for 5 or less grams of sugar per meal, so that limits the amount of natural sweet in things, and I don't add more sweetener to stuff to make it more sweet. I find that when I use too much stevia or other natural sweeteners like that I don't like the taste or my belly gets rumbly, so I have adapted my tongue to enjoy less sweet already. What I am committing to is sticking with my plan throughout the holidays- it's easy to get off track this time of year and let the sugars creep up.