Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Purchases!

I remember pre-marriage, pre-baby, pre-mortgage, I got excited about very different purchases than I do now.  I used to buy clothes, shoes, handbags, shop online, buy accessories, spend a ton of money on drinks and going out...  These days- the thought of buying clothes or accessories, spending money at a bar- ugh barf.  Not that those things aren't fun, but they sure aren't rewarding, and give you almost no pleasure after the initial rush from making the purchase.  Well, I guess certain purchases do still make me happy, but they are few and far between.  What excites me most these days are purchases that are at all related to the kitchen.  Whether it's food or baking ingredients, accessories for the kitchen, or even new appliances, I literally die over anything for the kitchen.  I would rather scrimp and save everywhere I could, to make my kitchen prettier, more functional, and/or more efficient.  Baby steps right?  Hopefully this time next year our sad and dilapidated cabinets will be undergoing a small but much needed transformation.  Any thoughts on refacing vs resurfacing?  I am leaning towards refacing.  And in a few short months I'll be cooking on a new gas range, and cleaning up with a new EnergyStar compliant dishwasher!  For our 3 year anniversary, we decided to forego a trip/gifts/date night in lieu of some new appliances!  What can I say- priorities right?

Anyways- the reason I'm posting is because I am suuuuuuuuuuuper excited about a couple smaller splurges.  Yesterday, I dragged S to BB&B to look for a few items.  I have been researching high speed blenders for quite some time, and my poor little Oster just could not handle even a measly handful of ice cubes for my protein shake.  Fudge babies?  Please.  It just whirred and clicked for awhile until I would mercifully press the OFF button.  I know all the cool bloggers have a fancy vitamix or blendtec, and I am therefore not cool nor will I probably ever be cool.  I also don't have an iphone ok?  I'm not cool.  Back to my story.  I desperately wanted a high speed blender, but I could buy a new dishwasher for the price of a blendtec and it just was not going to happen.  So Ninja it is!  And I am really excited about it.  It's enormous!  And- get it Bed Bath and use a 20 off coupon and it's only $79.99!  I kept the receipt of course, but I can't wait to try it out.  My second splurge will hopefully soon become a well-used AND space-saving piece of equipment.  I possessed neither a hand blender nor a hand mixer.  So behold- this piece of machinery! 

It is a hand blender, with whisk attachment, plus a mini chopper!  Very cool.  Not quite what a hand mixer would be, but if I really needed a mixer I could just use the stand.  I'm pretty pumped about it. 

There are so many recipes that call for a high speed blender.  I'm wondering if you could make Homemade Coconut Butter in a ninja?  And this delish looking drink recipe that I've been wanting to try!  Not to mention, I can resume testing various ball, bar, and bites recipes that I've been too lazy to drag out the cuisi for!  Although I suppose now that's not an issue either.  My purchases inspired me to organize a bit in the kitchen and clear off the countertops.  No more protein powder and baby formula and unused cookie jar on the counter.  Now my small kitchen electrics are proudly displayed next to the stove.  Though sadly, that beast of a ninja is too tall when the container is affixed to the base, so they have to be separated, sitting side by side. 

Besides trying the recipes I posted about here, (minus Giada's Meatballs Pizzaiola which I made last night, instead with no mozzarella, basil, or sun dried tomatoes, but with dried oregano and pickled red peppers YUM it was fabulous!!) I already have a few new ones up my sleeve, including a Raw Pecan Pie and a grain-free biscuit.  With my GFG modifications of course.  

I've also been screwing around with socca.  Not an easy recipe to master, not for me anyways.  Don't let the fact that there are really only 2 ingredients fool you.  It is a finicky little thing.  I've tried it in the skillet, and in the oven.  I've tried it with different ratios of flour to water.  I've tried letting the flour and water sit for a few hours and tried making it right away.  Not impressed so far.  But I'll keep trying.  And once I get through this bag you can bet I am buying from the Indian market down the street where it's practically free.  The packages say "Besan" not Chickpea flour.  I think that is the french word for it.  

I'm blathering.  Really, I am hard-core procrastinating on several projects I have to do.  Mostly work, but crap I SO need to write my speech for DLN's wedding in ONE MONTH!!!!  Ahhhhhhhh!  And so I'll leave you with a pretty picture of their ceremony sight which will hopefully inspire me to get cracking!

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