Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recovering from Labor Day Weekend/S 1st Birthday

What a weekend.  It's Wednesday and I still have not fully recovered.  We had a packed weekend full of fun, family, and celebrating.  We got to spend some QT with my little nephews, we went to the zoo, and had a great pool party.  I cannot believe my little pumpkinhead is 1.  What an amazing, fulfilling, exciting, exhausting, and love-filled year it has been.  The best year of my entire life.  I am so grateful for my little sweetpea.  S ate every minute of her birthday weekend up.  She relished all the extra attention and certainly did not shy away from the limelight!  For example, exhibit A:

To be totally honest, I have had absolutely zero time to cook, and even less time to grocery shop.  Soooooooo no new fun GFG recipes right now.  I have seen two great new flourless brownie recipes in the past week or so that I can't wait to try- one from my favorite blogger Alex over at Spoonful of Sugar Free and another from Chocolate and Carrots.  Both look amazing.  Hop over and give them a try!  Additionally- there are several new books out that I can't wait to get my hands on.  
Buy it here

Buy it here

Buy it here

Buy it here
Any recipes you've recently tried that you absolutely loved?  

Oh and a couple random Costco tips- they have 2lb bags of Chia seeds for less than $7.  Unreal.  And, a 22ounce container of Maranatha Almond Butter for less than $6.  Other things I need to start buying there instead of the groc. store include salsa, cashews, olive oil, vanilla, and quinoa.  I love costco so flippin much!


  1. Costco is selling chia seeds???
    I really don't use them much...but that surprises me.

    now here's a confession....I LOVE your little video!!!!

    my son's 1st bday was so anti climactic.
    nobody in our family was much for celebrating it and I was so depressed over it.

    So glad you had such wonderful family love for your family and sweet daughter!

    I may or may not have made the flourless brownies of Alex's.

    I'm drawing a blank.
    I have made quite a few of her dishes and loved them all !

    Happy Wednesday! Get some rest!

  2. hey cindy! oh man the party was a ton of work but well worth it- not that a one year old is going to remember any of it! i swear though between work and having tons of family in town, it is totally exhausting! hope you had a wonderful labor day weekend!