Monday, November 14, 2011

No Sugar Creme Brulee Ice Cream

Just because you no longer eat sugar doesn't mean you can't find a way to indulge every once in awhile- and I don't mean the odd piece of fruit here and there either.  While real creme brulee at home is not something I'm too interested in- I was successful at making some awesome creme brulee flavored ice cream at home!  If you have an ice cream maker- definitely give this a try. 

Creme Brulee Ice Cream
6 egg yolks
4 cups whole milk
3 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
8-10 packets of stevia (I used purevia)
pinch of salt

Separate egg yolks in a mixing bowl and whisk with electric whisk/beater until the yolks are a light yellow color, will take a couple minutes or so.  Empty contents of stevia packets into yolks and incorporate well.  In a saucepan, heat up milk until it's just simmering, and remove.  With a ladle, slowly and carefully pour milk into yolks, stirring continuously.  Go really slow and take your time, this part is a bit tedious but better to go slowly than get scrambled eggs!  Once all the milk has been added, pour mixture back into saucepan over med heat.    You'll want to keep stirring and wait for the mixture to thicken, and coat the back of your spoon.  It will start to resemble a custard.  Once it has thickened, remove from heat and add cinnamon, pinch of salt, and vanilla.  Stir to combine, and then strain to make sure there are no solids.  Pour into a large bowl and refrigerate over night.  The next day, prepare according to your ice cream makers instructions, and you'll have delish softserve creme brulee ice cream in about 25 minutes.  If you'd like it to harden a bit more, place in freezer for about 2-3 hours.  Overnight, it will harden quite a lot, so you'll need to leave it out on the counter for 30 minutes or so before eating.  Enjoy!

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