Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick High Protein Toddler Meal

Do you read The Paleo Mom?  It's a neat blog written by, of course, a paleo mom.  It's interesting in that it has a very scientific slant to it as the blogger is a former scientific researcher, which I particularly like.  Rather than lots of anecdotal musings, she has lots of bonafide research to back up her claims. Quite refreshing in the paleoverse.  I recommend you check out her blog if you have the inclination!

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know I have a toddler!  She is my pride and joy and light of my life, and I absolutely can't get enough of her.  I love every single thing about her and cherish every second I am with her.  However, just like any child, meal times can be rough.  That's why I enjoy coming up with so many healthy, protein-packed muffin recipes that I know she'll enjoy and eat happily over and over.  But one can not subsist on muffins alone.  And the girl is not quite as fond of veggies as she once was, so sometimes you have to resort to covert measures to get in a healthy dose of the green goodies.

Case in point- the paleo mom's great suggestion for making Green Eggs.  Check out her post and give it a whirl!  I did today, and am happy with the results.  Here is what I did:

Green Eggs
3 eggs
2/3 cup raw greens (I used some leftover salad greens, but spinach, kale, or even some dark leafy lettuces would work)
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp pepper

In a blender, toss your greens and eggs and salt and pepper and blend until you have a consistent green mixture.  Pour into a hot, greased frying pan and cook for 4 minutes or so on one side before flipping.  This will feed 2-3 people.  Depending on what greens you use, your eggs will have a distinct flavor.  Spinach is probably going to be the most agreeable, but in the spirit of using what I have, I thought, what the hell, I'll use some salad greens.  Topped with some guac, it was an easy and super nutritious meal for mommy and S.  Just make sure your pan is well-oiled for optimal flipping!

Best of all, there are tons of variations for this.  Why not make orange eggs using orange and red peppers?  Or try broccoli and cauli instead of greens?  Experiment and enjoy!  Xoxo GFG

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