Friday, August 3, 2012

Sugar Free Lemon Lime Curd

Do you like SUPER tangy/sour foods?  If so, there is probably nothing tangier and more lip puckering than this Lemon Lime Curd.  It will practically curl your toes!  Don't ask me why I made this.  I don't usually go for lemony stuff and I'm more into solid treats than mushy ones.  Maybe it's because MKG had some lemon meringue pie last night (rude!) in front of me.  That is probably why.

Anywho… the GFG is sad to say that fruit is 100% gone from my diet.  I am in mourning.  I cut out I'd say 80% of it already, but it seems my blood sugar just cannot handle the little buggers.  And I am far too lazy to have to think about how many grams of carbs in each portion of fruit I'm eating and how much protein I'm eating it with, etc etc.  So down the abyss it goes, with all the other non-GFG approved foods.  I'm sure they are all having a party down there, the granola and watermelon and crackers and french fries and bananas enjoying being high as a kite on sugar and carbyness.  Oh well!  I'll trade their partying for me NOT going into a sugar coma any day.  However- lemons and limes are different.  I don't really consider them fruit, not in the traditional sense anyways.  Yes they are fruit, they have seeds and grow on trees, but they have so little sugar, and all that acid is actually quite alkalizing in your body, and quite good for you.

I also gave up dairy 95%.  The remaining 5% is butter, which I rarely use, but dang-it if I want to use a little butter now and then I'm not going to lose my sh*t over it.  I guess I could go super-paleo and get some ghee.

But back to the subject at hand.  I made some lemon curd.  I ate several bites of it and that was enough for me.  It was really good, but pretty powerful.  So beware peeps!  I am not going to show you a pic, because it was ugly.  You've all seen lemon curd before.  So just pretend you're looking at a pic now.

Sugar-Free Lemon Lime Curd
2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 tbsp fresh squeezed lime juice
1/4 cup erythritol (I like Z Sweet brand from WF)
zest from the lemons/limes
3 egg yolks
1/4 cup butter, butter sub like Earth Balance like I used, or even coconut oil

Melt your butter over low heat, then mix in juice and erythritol.  Remove from heat and stir until sweetener is dissolved.  Mix in your yolks then return to low heat and stir until your arm falls off, or the curd has thickened considerably, whichever comes first.

Refrigerate and enjoy with your morning coconut flour muffin, of which you all know I have many many many recipes.  Don't believe me?  Look to your right and you'll see MUFFIN in the tag cloud.

Do you eat fruit?  What fruits are in your repertoire?  What's your take on dairy?  I don't seem to have a problem digesting it, I've just been reading so much about the negative impact all that lactose can have on your insulin levels….

Til next time GFGs!! Xoxo

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