Friday, September 28, 2012

Protein Frappucino

Protein powder can be a huge lifesaver if you are often strapped for time, need something quick, or would like to supplement your baking recipes occasionally with some extra umph.  I looooove Jay Robb.  Sweetened with stevia and no junk in it.  Best of all, it makes a killer protein frappucino!

Here's what you do- during the week, don't throw out your extra (decaf) coffee.  Freeze it in ice cube trays.  When it's time for a protein drink, use the coffee ice cubes instead of regular ice cubes, throw them in the blender with a scoop of vanilla powder, a splash or two of cream (coconut), and 12 oz of water, and you have a delicious protein frappucino, with zero sugar!  And 25 grams of protein people!  You could not possibly complain about that.

I wonder if this would make a good base for coffee ice cream…..

Give it a try GFGs!

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