Saturday, January 19, 2013

Paleo Thai Crab Salad

How is everyone doing this fine January day?  The days short enough for ya?  Cold enough?  How's the $$$ situation?  Do you sometimes wake up (while it's still pitch dark no less) and do a little face palm and blurt out a big GAHHHH?  Yeah.  It's that time of the year folks.  May be time for a little attitude readjusting.

I know I am definitely guilty of doing the January-Poor-Me routine from time to time.  This year is no different.  So today, I think, in addition to a bright and summery tasting Paleo Thai Crab Salad recipe, it's time for a little 'tude reset.  Join me, won't you?

It's dark out.  It's cold out.
Yes.  We know.  It's January for f*cks sake.  But let's turn this frown upside down shall we?

  • Dark and cold means lots of opportunities for sipping on nummy warm things.  Some organic decaf, chai tea, or homemade bone broth.  Curl up with your handy dandy e-reader and a steaming mug of tea or paleo hot chocolate, and all will be right in the world.  Or better yet, take a hot bath and light some candles!  Sounds delightful doesn't it?
  • Augment your workouts to take advantage of the sunlight.  Does your schedule afford you any flexibility?  Can you workout in the later morning or afternoon?  If not, there are other ways to spice up your workouts.  Download some fresh new tracks, get spotify on your iphone, buy some fun new workout clothes, a cute new waterbottle, or even just a cute headband.  I know I enjoy my workouts more when I am wearing fun accessories!
  • No Money Mo Problems.  Wait, that's not how it goes?  Mo money mo problems?  Whatever.  The same is true of the inverse.  There are about a zillion web sites now offering huge, crazy discounts on whatever you could possibly need.  Zulilly, and haute look are two of the sites I've recently begun browsing.  But if you truly are doing the no spend thing, or even partaking in #nospendmonth, then here are some suggestions for you:  1) Write every single thing you want down on a piece of paper to be evaluated in February.  Let's see how badly you really want that ironic monogrammed upcycled coffee cup sleeve with a smiling fox on it from Etsy after a few weeks.   If you are really and truly still dying for it, take the plunge in February.  Odds are most of the items you'll no longer want.  (Or maybe they'll be on sale by then!)  2) Take this time to do a little budget rejiggering.  What are you spending all your dough on?  Are you hoarding stuff unnecessarily?  Have a little addiction to sneakers, or shampoo, or socks, or something?  Get into the nitty gritty of it and see what you are really spending your pennies on.  Can you part with starbucks for a few weeks?  Maybe cut back on the Artisana coconut butter and macadamia nuts?  Paleo goodies can be pretty costly.  Instead, make your own coconut butter, and eat carrots instead of nuts.  How many gym memberships do you have?  How many are you using?  Do you have junk from the holidays that needs to be returned?  Do you have a freezer full of frozen meat and veggies you can eat up to same some $$$ at the grocery store?  Stay in for a few nights instead of eating out if you can.  Go to the library and stock up on some good books and DVD's and you'll be set.  Finally, take advantage of free trial offers and new client specials.  
  • Lastly- and this one has nothing tangible to it, but lets play opposites.  Often we get so accustomed to our usual, basic reaction to things.  So turn your reaction on its head.  I catch myself often thinking to myself, "why didn't so and so do this differently?  Why did he/she do it that way?  That makes no sense/is mean/hurtful/crappy.  While this is a natural tendency, it's also not very productive or proactive.  How can I help get the desired outcome in this situation?  What if instead of automatically getting upset about this situation, I think about it from the opposite perspective?  Maybe that won't be right either, but at least it's different, and it's retraining my brain to have a different default.  Something bothering you?  Someone bothering you?  What can I do to help that person NOT bother me?  How can I proactively change what's bothering me?  And if I can't change what's bothering me, how can I attempt to change how I feel about what's going on?  I might not always like what's going on in my life, sometimes you have to just get through things, but I certainly can try to change my perspective, and think about things in a more positive way.  Is there something eating away at you everyday?  What is it?  What about it is TRULY bothering you?  What is hurting you?  Why is it hurting you?  What advice would you give a friend that was going through what you are going through?  Can you think about it objectively and try to remove yourself from the situation?  Can you be unbiased and think logically about the best way to deal with it?  We get so wrapped up in our own problems and obstacles, we often forget that that's all they really are.  Obstacles and problems.  They aren't our whole life, they aren't our whole day.  They are small parts of our day.  We can't let them take over every waking moment.  
So go workout, preferably during the daytime hours, maybe somewhere you've never been, a new box, gym, or studio, try a new form of exercise, buy a fun pink sparkly headband (or make one if you're doing #nospend) or start thinking in opposites.  Try it for 2 weeks and see how you feel!

That's enough of that.  Let's make some Paleo Thai Crab Salad already.

1 head of napa cabbage
1 orange bell pepper
1 cup of sliced grape tomatoes
1/2 cup of cashew pieces
1 avocado
3 sliced green onions
2 cans crab meat
1 cup snow peas

1/2 cup light coconut milk
2 tbsp gf/wheat free tamari or coconut aminos
juice of one lime
6 drops alcohol free liquid stevia

Chop all your veggies and toss in a large salad bowl and serve in your salad bowl.  Top with cashew pieces and crab meat, and drizzle your dressing over the top.  Hard to stay in a funk with such a fun, flavorful, and bright salad like this!

Here is my #selfie of the day.  Why am I posting selfies?  Because they're fun, because they make going to work a little less mundane, and they get me excited about coming up with new outfits to wear. And they make me smile.  So why the hell not?  

Love you GFGs!

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