Monday, June 20, 2011

First Father's Day

What an absolute joy it was to share our first Father's Day as a family.  We had such a fun fun day, enjoying time with GG and Papa (sort of) at the pool and having an absolutely fabulous time grilling out, just me, MKG, SMG, and jer jer.  Afterwards it was a yummy treat from Peachwave and the interesting and compelling finale of The Killing.  Lots to be grateful for yesterday. 
I looooooooooove Peachwave.  Because of my stupid restricted diet that I am on that makes no sense and no one can explain or understand, I basically can not eat sugar, carbs, or treats of any kind.  That doesn't mean I don't indulge, I think it will probably many years before I have a good grip on it, but really, I am not supposed to have carbs/sugar/alcohol, ever.  It's funny how the process has altered the way I think about food, the way I eat, and the way I taste.  Drinking wine I would have liked a year ago, well two I guess since I was pg with SMG last summer, I now can hardly stomach because of how sweet it is.  I need dry dry dry wine, and it has to be good!  I am only allowed one glass really so it better be AMAZING right?  Regardless, I get a terrible sugar hangover the following day, whether I drank one glass or two or whatever.  And add in a couple bites of dessert to the mix and I'm screwed!  The next day I am uncomfortable, woozy, and hungover.  So interesting the effects that sugar has on oneself- don't even get me started on the subject.  Sugar seriously is killing us.  And that is too bad because who doesn't looooooooooove sugar!?  Which brings me back to Peachwave.  I can actually have it!  Well, the plain tart anyways.  With some blackberries??! Yum!  So that is lucky for me- not too many carbs and it actually has some calcium and protein to boot.  So that is lucky for me!  I really love it.  Hopefully one day I'll just be over sugar and can feel normal passing over it.  It's a little frustrating trying to explain my situation to people- it's kind of strange and certainly very very uncommon, especially for someone my size. But my entire health portfolio makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and I am basically a walking anomaly so I suppose I should not be surprised in the least.  Unfortunately two of the people I have to share meals the most with, my in-laws, totally do not comprehend my needs and are always pestering me, asking me the same questions repeatedly, and giving me shit for whatever I'm eating or not eating.  My MIL asks me constantly what desserts she can make that "are ok with my diet."  It is so nice she cares for me and wants to make me something that I specifically can eat- but honest to god, how many times do I have to say I cannot eat sugar or carbs before she gets it? 

Ok this is totally not meant to be a rant about my in-laws.  Yesterday was just a little tense is all.  They are wonderful, superb, great people and in the interest of this blog- here is what I am so so so grateful for in my adopted KC family.

MIL- always looking out for me, defending me, helping me with baby S in every way humanly possible.  Loves her fiercely and loyally in a way that really is unmatched by anyone else in our extended family.  Great caretaker and incredibly, incredibly generous.

FIL- the decision maker!  a decisive, strategic, motivated, and introspective man who is above all else, the number one provider for his family.  Would never let one of his children suffer and loves his three grandkids immeasurably.

BIL- such a sweet, sensitive, though mis-understood guy.  He means well and is always ready with a helping hand.  Good for a laugh and loves poking fun.  Big help with Baby S and so so good with kids.  We love you big D!

We had a fun day and while I was a pretty big brat it ended up being a wonderful day and I am so so so happy that I have a beautiful family and a wonderful home to create all these memories. 

On to the next- I need some new appliances.  Stove, dishwasher, and unfortunately- coffee maker is totally dunzo.  It is a nice one too!  Three year old stainless Cuisinart.  Should not have died already!  Hoping it can be salvaged somehow.  If I had readers I would ask- what is a good stainless steel gas range that is affordable and self-cleaning?  I need someone to come hook up a gas line too.  Suggestions for a dishwasher? 

Much love and thanks- RG

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