Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summertime, and the livin's easy

Bugs in a Jar!

....well, perhaps not easy, but honestly, when the sun is shining and the sky is blue and the weather warm and not humid (for the moment), how can you complain?  I am most definitely a summer girl.  Love it.  Love not caring about what I'm wearing because you just get sweaty and hot no matter what, love not putting on much makeup because again, sweaty and hot, love wearing flip flops day and day out, love the smell of the air, talking walks in our neighborhood, love sitting outside when I have a free moment, the carefree attitude people have all around you, the sweet smell of sunblock on sweaty skin, green grass and flowers blooming, longer days and brighter nights, the sound of kids playing outside, the first lightning bugs of the season, and most of all, the absolute joy and thrill of experiencing the summer for the first time with my daughter, who seems to be as much a summer girl as I am!

The Good You
But you know what I'm really grateful for?  The Food Truck trend's full-on arrival here in cow-town.  Though not really an ideal city for food trucks, we don't have the most vibrant downtown city-center or much pedestrian action,  the concept has really taken off, to much fanfare!  I had the pleasure of inviting some food trucks out to my sidewalk sale this past weekend, which went really well (gratefully!), and though the more popular trucks were already booked (including my first choice, The Good You, which originally was scheduled to come but had to cancel because they ended up going to Bonnaroo, where they were featured on FOX and in this month's issue of Food & Wine!) I was able to finally snag Indios Carbonsitos, a delicious KCK food truck serving up gourmet Mexican BBQ.  Only in KC folks, only in KC.  Only in the 'dotte I should say.  While I kinda question the "gourmet" part of the description, it was indeed Mexican and it was most definitely BBQ.  My interns sampled the BBQ nachos and boy, did it deliver.  It was kind of your average pool/country club/theme park nachos, semi-stale-ish corn tortillas and orange cheez whiz, but the meat was delicious, tender, and piled high!  Pulled pork, bbq chicken, and brisket, all mixed together and slathered on the pool nachos.  The couple bites I had were fantastic.  It would have been even better with some kind of pickled veggies, or some acid/vinegar combo, but it was really good, and a welcome change from the usual BBQ you get here, which to be honest I have never been a fan of (I know, I will never be a true Kansas Citian). 

BBQ Nachos!
 I am so excited for the upcoming Westport Food Truck Festival, where many of our city's finest and newest will be showcased, it will definitely be a neat event.  Check it out with us!  July 8th and 9th peeps!

Also, I'm grateful for pumpkin seeds.  They quench my craving for salty and crunchy, but aren't carby and aren't as fattening as nuts.  Yum!

That is all!  Until next time, keep on giving thanks. 

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