Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Recipe Recipe for a Protein Packed Yogurt Dessert

Kalyns Kitchen is a great blog for anyone following South Beach Diet or Atkins or whatever, which in some ways can be closely related to the GFG diet.  She has tons of low carb dishes.  One recipe caught my eye last week and I was excited to give it a try.  MKG isn't the biggest fan of chocolate and sometimes I get tired of baked goods.  He loves fruity desserts and this looked simple enough.  I am not even going to bother with a recipe, it would be too ridiculous.  Go to Kalyn's blog and check it out if you need to!

This dessert is so easy, S could probably do it.  And packed with protein.

Here are instructions for this Protein-Packed Yogurt Fruit Pie.
Combine two small packages of sugar free lemon jello with one 32 oz container of 0% fat plain Greek yogurt.  Zest one lemon and add zest to bowl.  Stir well to incorporate everything.  Microwave for about 90 seconds, and then stir.  Microwave another minute or two, and stir again.  Pour the heated mixture into a greased pie dish and let set for about 4 hours.  Before serving, top with sliced berries.  How easy is that?  And so yummy.  This is a dessert you really do not need to feel guilty about.  Kalyn suggests serving with whipped cream or topping, but honestly, why bother?  It's awesome just like this!

Edited:  I've also done this with strawberry SF jello and a container of ricotta- has a cheesecake-ish texture to it!


  1. I did a blog post about your Herbed Bacon and White Bean Soup...thought you would like to know. :) Very yummy!


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  2. glad you liked it! and link away minichick! so glad you are talking about the gluten free lifestyle and telling people how they can still eat great, and lose weight!!!

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