Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Project- Raised Garden Bed!

 Phase 1- assemble kit from Home Depot (4'x8')
Remove grass
Till soil
Cover with grass clippings for a weakfish
Phase 2- Cover with layer of organic garden soil
Compost layer
More soil
Organic fertilizer
Phase 3- Plant!  We planted 2 kinds of lettuce, kale, chard, and cabbage.  Plus tomatoes and peppers and herbs in separate pots.
 Phase 4- Watch them grow and eat 'em up!  (hopefully.  I half expect them all to either magically have disappeared, be dead, trampled by the dog, or eaten by rabbits before the weekend's up.   eek!  good luck little guys! )

Do you garden?  I am not ashamed to admit we are boneheaded novices.  Tips and suggestions much appreciated!  FX'd these little dudes take root and get nice and comfy out there.  I'll update you all on my progress, and maybe in a couple months you'll be seeing a zillion more recipes for chard and kale.


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  1. Just an update. It rained on the first day after these were planted. Has to be a good sign?