Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sugar Free Nutella Popsicle!

Shopping at Target yesterday I spotted some cute heart-shaped popsicle freezy things on clearance from Vday- and I quickly snatched the last one.  With spring around the corner and zillions of popsicle recipes on the interwebs, I just had to give it a shot!  So easy and way better than buying those gross sugar free fudgsicles in the freezer case.  You could make this just as easily with almond or peanut butter or cashew or sunbutter!

Sugar Free Nutella Popsicle
4 tsp homemade nutella
2 small overripe bananas, or one large and half of another one, etc
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1/3 cup (nut)milk

Blend everything together and transfer to your popsicle thingies.  Freeze for four hours.  Mine need to be thawed under lukewarm water for the popsicle to slide out.  Enjoy GFG's!!! 

What's your favorite popsicle recipe??


  1. This is great! It will be nice to have a healthy ice cream substitute when me or my son are craving ice cream. Ice cream was my weakness (along with Nutella, so this is a great combination!) before going dairy free. I haven't even bothered trying to come up with an alternative because I'm working on losing my sweet tooth, which is coming along great, btw, but it will be nice to tuck this into my recipes to try list if and when the moment comes along that I want some, especially for a special occasion like a birthday. Thanks.

  2. wonderful! I am really going to need a good popsicle/cool treat coming up this summer for my kiddos - this I can feel good about!

  3. I hope you guys try it! So dang easy! I am trying to get through this stash of chocolate hazelnut spread- I really like it but i think next time i'd make it with cashews instead. hazelnuts have this overpowering toasted flavor to me that i'm kind of meh about. i know what you mean about trying to lose your sweet tooth- i think i'm getting closer, and definitely stuff that has been artificially sweetened is starting to taste gross to me. my vice right now are the dried, unsweetened slices of mango from TJ's- its like a chewier fruit roll up to me! i am obsessed.