Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sugar Free Tart Peach Frozen Yogurt

As you can see, this pic is not of sugar free tart peach frozen yogurt, though equally delicious if I may say so myself.  Isn't it funny that by 10AM you've already had a pretty full day, in toddler time?  We took a trip downtown to a cute little kiddo exhibit, and little miss hippopotamus had a grand old time.  So far it's been a pretty nice weekend, which kicked off with a relaxing shabbat dinner Friday evening.  A shabbat dinner of... bacon wrapped hot dogs!  Hmmmm, probably not the best thing to make for shabbat dinner, but whatever.

Have you ever had a bacon wrapped hot dog?  In my former life on the CW diet, I would never in a million years have dared to eat such a thing- but now- I don't bat an eye.  A little heavy on the nitrates but what the hell.  So easy.  Take a strip of bacon and wrap it around your dog- place on a cooling rack  over a parchment lined baking sheet and bake at 400 for 20-ish minutes or until your bacon starts to crisp up.  Pretty yummy folks!  For a veg we had:
Nothing crazy.  Peppers, onions, and grape tomatoes with a little sea salt and cumin and paprika.

What was crazy, crazy good that is, was my latest experiment with the ice cream maker.  OMG!!!!  I am really psyched about it, and the best part is how much it makes (and for a fraction of the cost of going to the yogurt shop.)

Get to the g-store and get yourself some plain 0% Greek Yogurt now!

Sugar Free Tart Peach Frozen Yogurt
-3 cups plain greek yogurt, I used 0%
-4-6 containers of peach baby food (I used 4 but would use 5 or 6 next time.  Or go crazy and do 3 peach and 3 banana, berry, whatever!)
-4 tablespoons or your preferred sweetener (I used Z-Sweet which is a mixture of erythritol and stevia which is amazing- from WF)
-juice of one lemon

In a large mixing  bowl, combine yogurt with baby food, sweetener, and lemon juice.  If you want to bump up the tartness, use the zest as well.  Combine well and refrigerate for 3-4 hours so it's nice and chilled.  Prepare the yogurt according to your ice cream maker's instructions and in 20min you'll have awesomely peachy frozen yogurt, or pop it in the freezer for 2 more hours and it'll be a bit harder.  Just note that the next day, it'll be rock hard straight out of the freezer.  You'll need to let it sit out on the counter for a bit first.

I loved this yogurt because it's packed full of protein, and has less carbs than other yogurt because greek yogurt has less lactose and carbs as the whey has been removed (right?) and it has a great tart flavor and a hint of sweet.  Plus, no gross chemicals or weird ingredients like when you buy the stuff at pinkberry or wherever.  You know exactly what's in there and it is GOOD stuff!  And it tastes incredible.  Not like some sad diabetic imitation but like the real thing- if not better!  And we have tons left over.  Yum!

Do you have an ice cream maker?  I'd like to try plain old vanilla too.  Just some erythritol and vanilla extract.  What's your favorite way to make ice cream or frozen yogurt?


  1. Yummers!!! I have an ice cream maker and so far my favorite low sugar recipes have come from Lauren's healthy indulgences blog. I also tried making pumpkin pie frozen yogurt with greek yogurt in the fall but it didn't turn out sweet enough because I used plain greek yogurt.

  2. sounds great! I have an ice cream maker, but it never turns out right, so I think I'm doing something wrong. I can never get all of the ice cream out of the bowl! What a travesty.. anyhow, I think I need to make your bacon dogs for the boys someday - i think they'd love them!

  3. Dawn- i had the same problem, then realized i needed to have the ice cream maker turned on before pouring the base into it- have you tried that? if you pour everything in and THEN turn it on, it sticks to the sides. it took me a few tries before i figured it out. even still- it's really only good the first day IMO.