Friday, July 22, 2011

GFG #Fail

Something any new GFG will no doubt experience routinely, and if you're anything like me ALL THE TIME, is a GFG #Fail.  Wow, let me tell you, I am very well acquainted with the GFG #Fail.  It's kind of a running joke with myself at this point, how I'll horribly butcher or mangle a formerly fine recipe with my incessant substitutions, adaptations, and tweaks.  Blah! 

In twelve hours time I managed to screw up two of CCK's recipes.  Well, one of them I really don't think I would have liked even if I hadn't messed it up.  I really don't think I would like any dessert recipe that calls for beans.  Can't you taste the beany-ness?  I will give it another shot some time for sure, I bought a  big bag of Stevia in the Raw today and that may solve the problem in these.  You see, I cannot eat sugar in its refined state in any capacity.  No turbinado, no maple syrup, no honey, nothing.  Kind of like Alex.  So in my efforts to still have yummy desserts that myself and my husband can enjoy, I use sugar substitutes.  Well I can definitely cross this one particular sugar substitute off my list for good.  YUCK!  The blondies had a disgusting metallic taste, which I think was in part due to the garbanzo beans, but mostly the god-awful sugar substitute I used.  No more!  Unfortunately this means that I won't be trying any more recipes that call for brown sugar, as this was a brown sugar sub.  I just don't think anything can equal its sweet, subtly smoky flavor, and moist texture.  But if you have any ideas PLEASE let me know!  I do have high hopes for Stevia and am very excited to try it!

My second #Fail was a microwave Single Lady Cupcake.  I knew from the get-go that this would be a huge, gross, and very pathetic flop.  I sub'd Coconut Flour for regular flour.  DUH!  It was horrendous and did not come together.  Coconut Flour, if you're not familiar, while full of fantastic attributes and totally healthy AND delicious, can just not be traded out in equal parts for other flours.  It has a completely different texture and consistency and is like a sponge.  It needs huge amounts of liquid.  It also has a distinct flavor, and sometimes you need that bland, tastes like nothing at all flavor that all-purpose or ww flour has.  So that was that.  Disaster.  But let that be a lesson to you all that subbing coco flour doesn't work, the recipe really needs to be built around the flour. 

Good thing I still have some of my Pumpkin Spice Bread, Chocolate PB Vegan Fudge, and Almond Flour Macaroons lying around. 

Tonights dinner for the fam will be Moroccan Chicken with Green Olives and Lemon, which I will faithfully prepare per the directions (mostly) with some leftover arugula salad from the other night.  I am also going to try making some fudge babies/truffles with walnuts perhaps, or if I can make it to WF, hazelnuts, which I need for some homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.

Update 10:06 PM:
After walking in from work at 5:30 and immediately starting dinner, then feeding the baby who is happily starting to really get the hang of feeding herself, then bathtime, bottle/storytime, clean up, then a few more dessert experiments, I can sit down and say what a productive evening it was!  We even got to light the shabbat candles which was fun.  Moroccan Chicken was a huge hit!  Oh my gosh you have to try it!  It seemed kind of difficult at the time, but looking back, I think it was more because I was so rushed, and there was a crying baby and psycho dog and hungry husband, all running around the kitchen.  The combination of ginger, paprika, cumin, and cinnamon was awesome.  And the lemons become sweet and soft from cooking, you can actually eat the peel!  And it's delish!  I used my trusty DO for the job.  Soooooooo good.  Later, after pumpkin-head was asleep, I experimented with another batch of Vegan Freezer Fudge.  This time it was plain fudge, with dark chocolate shavings.  Excellent!  Also, and I think I must be hallucinating from exhaustion, I cannot believe that such a delicious, fudgy, chocolatey treat could exist, that is so easy to prepare and not even remotely bad for you!  Ummmmmmmmmmmm did you know that blending walnuts, cocoa powder, a teensy bit of vanilla extract, and dates could be so freaking amazing?  It tasted like the best chocolate brownie you have ever had.  You just blend everything and then roll them into balls, or whatever shape you want.  It's ridiculous.  Out of this world.  Not having ever baked with dates, or really eaten them intentionally, I was shocked at how gooey and sweet they are.  What a happy surprise that was!  And packed full of walnuts with all those Omega-3s to boot! 

Really fun night at home with the crazies.  My little monkey is doing so well with real food.  She loves green beans and likes to suck the little beans out of the pod, and is crazy for oatmeal, beans of any kind, and strawberries!  I lost count of how many she ate.  Fun fun fun!  Can't wait to see what's next!  Although I do wish that sometimes, I could hit pause on a special moment, and just savor it forever and ever.  Certain moments just make you want to die.  Last night at a friends birthday party I caught S grooving to the live music that was playing and trying to dance even though she was exhausted and sitting on the ground.  She was by herself for a second and just started quasi-dancing and I'm so lucky I caught it, I swear I think my whole heart melted.  UGH it's just too much!  It's just totally insane.  It's the best.  XoxoGFG

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