Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grain-Free Shopping List

My TJ's post got me thinking- I'd like to start a GFG approved shopping list of good staples that I can always refer to, and other people entering the GFG universe can have this is a nice little time-saver.  I'll update this regularly.

Grain-Free Sample Shopping List:
-Oranges/grapefruits.  Being that I have a hard time regulating my blood sugar and need to restrict carbs/sugar, citrus is always a good option.  They have collectively low glycemic loads- grapefruit especially.
-Green apples- a lower GL fruit as well, green fruits generally mean less sugar.  Just because it's fruit doesn't mean it won't spike your sugars- mangoes, bananas, and watermelon are for the most part off limits.
-Cherries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries.  They all have low GL's and are high in antioxidants.
-Arugula/spinach/kale/cabbage and other dark lettuces.
-bell peppers
-tomatoes, fresh and canned
-onions, they keep for quite awhile
-green onions, delish raw
-chickpeas, lentils, flageolets, black beans, quinoa
-olives, artichokes in brine, red peppers in brine, pickles, hearts of palm
-good assortment of mustards, reduced sodium soy sauce, and vinegars, like rice wine, red wine, champagne, and balsamic.
-no sugar added applesauce and fruit cups
-nut butters- organic and nothing added. 
-no sugar added fruit spreads, like blackberry
-chicken chicken chicken- whole chicken, chicken thighs, split breasts, tenders, but you'll get the most bang for your buck from the whole chicken.  Use leftovers for stock, it's the best thing you'll ever do.  And try my butterflied chicken on the grill!  You'll never go back.  I need to make a chicken page. 
-chicken sausage
-Ground turkey and turkey sausage
-lean lamb
-flank steak or other lean cuts
-white fish
-Spices and dried herbs- Paprika, cayenne, garlic/onion powders, cumin, basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, sage, bay leaf, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and almond extracts, seasoned salt, peppercorns and black pepper, and KOSHER SALT.
-Sugar substitutes- stevia, truvia, whatever.
-Coconut flour, hazelnut flour, almond flour- they also have oat flour (not for GFG's), rice flour (no way!), tapioca flour, quinoa flour, garbanzo bean flour, and many more.  My go-to's are obviously coconut and almond flours.
-canned pumpkin and squash purees.  A couple overripe bananas in the freezer are good too.
-Olive oil, and cononut oil.  Coconut butter too.  The jury is out on canola- I'm abstaining for now. 
-Cocoa powder.  No sugar to speak of, hardly any calories, and low low carb.
-Shredded unsweetened coconut.
-blanched slivered almonds
-unsweetened dried fruits- currants, raisins, cherries, apricots, etc
-cottage cheese
-milk or milk subs
-eggs, preferably omega 3's if you can afford them!
-yogurt yogurt yogurt!  I haven't delved into greek yet. 
-string cheese
-frozen veg.  Get every single kind you can.  Frozen veg are almost identical to fresh these days.  Just avoid corn, potatos, carrots, and peas if you can. 
-Dark dark chocolate, and unsweetened baking chocolate
-organic turkey jerkey
-green tea

Like I said, I will keep updating this.  And I need to create a chicken page.  It's just so crazy to think back now on all the shit I used to eat, mindlessly.  Frosted cheerios?!  Wheat thins with their hydrogenated garbage?  Jiffy PB?  Snackwells?  100 calorie pack shit!  UGH!  It's no wonder my hormones went totally cukoo.  I am reading Good Calories Bad Calories right now, like I said in an earlier post, and while it's not exactly beach reading, it's enlightening and fascinating.  Thinking objectively, as any of that stuff I used to eat even technically food?  When every ingredient is either devoid of nutrition or some kind of chemical creation, byproduct, or bastardized energy source, is that really a food anymore?  Or just edible-product?  Blah, no thanks edible product.  Eat food, not too much, mostly plants as Michael Pollen would say.  The eat food part is key.  Not too much will follow once you break the cycle of constantly eating de-nutritionized carbs all day.  How many people do you know can binge on asparagus and chicken? 

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