Sunday, July 31, 2011

Port Fonda, Grunauer, and Tannin Wine Bar

This weekend we had the rare opportunity to get out on the town Saturday night and enjoy a few of KC's newer haunts.  Sitting on the patio at the Freighthouse, overlooking Union Station and the Union Pacific trains that kept rolling by, I was suddenly so happy and impressed by the cultural and culinary renaissance taking place here.  With the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts opening soon, a growing locavore, slow, and organic food movement going on, new food trucks popping up everywhere, and of course, TJ's- I am feeling more and more proud of my adopted home every day.  Of course, now that baby S is in the picture we have a little bit less time to get out and explore- which is why we have to make every minute count when we do have a night out!  Although we didn't eat- we visited Grunauer in the freighthouse- great patio and train-watching.  It was actually a somewhat pleasant night- being only in the 90's.  Afterwards it was off to Tannin Wine Bar in the crossroads for EMB's 29th, followed by a late-night stop at PORT FONDA!!!  I am soooooooo stinkin glad we did that!  Now certainly GFG wasn't going to slip up, especially after wayyyyy too many glasses of wine (yes, I felt horrendous all day today- sugar hangover plus real hangover = sad GFG.) but luckily I was able to pick around the carb-y stuff and get a couple tastes of the Chilaquiles and then some barbacoa thing.  Holy hell- out of this world stuff.  Get to Port Fonda now.  And seriously- can I please be one of the groups in the airstream that get a seated dinner?  I think I would die.  For reals. 

But I was lucky enough to chat with Patrick, the owner/executive chef, about Kansas City Restaurant Week, and hopefully I'll be able to snag him for the event.  Being the marketing chair for KCRW I am always on the lookout for new chefs, new tastes, new joints to join in on the fun.  Honestly- there are some truly innovative, exciting, unique, inspiring, and exceptional new places that are really pushing the boundaries of what the typical Kansas Citian will eat, and spend money on.  So glad to be a small part of this movement.  As KCRW approaches- I'll probably be pimping it more and more- but it has been a labor of love these past few years and it's definitely one of my prouder accomplishments to say that I am one of the founders of the annual event.  It's been a blast and I hope to see it continue for as long as I live in KC!  We are changing direction in a big way this year and totally revamping all the branding- can't wait!!!

There are so many places I've yet to visit- which irks me to think about because we do tend to go to the same places constantly- because they are close, affordable, and baby-friendly.  So for those rare occasions when we've got the sitter and all systems are go- here is my hitlist:
Le Fou Frog
Vietnam Cafe
Happy Gillis
You Say Tomato
Michael Smith
Justus Drugstore
Port Fonda-seated dinner
Oak 63
Beer Kitchen
Dog Nuvo
new Succotash
Eden Alley (I know it's been there forever, and I'll probably never make it either)
Urban Table
Story- both brand new

I know that is a very long list.  Hopefully most of these will be around for awhile so we can try 'em all!  Some of my favorites though, would have to include Bristol downtown, JJ's, Extra Virgin, The Rieger, Blue Stem, Pot Pie, Blue Bird, Westside Local, 715 and Burger Stand in Lawrence, obviously Spin, BRGR, Blanc, Avenues Bistro, and Trezo (duh).  In the meantime- if more of these awesome food trucks would just come my way- say in my neighborhood around 7pm, I'd be in heaven! 

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